What is RSO Tracker?

Are you tired of sticky notes and messy spreadsheets to organize your sex offender caseload?  RSO Tracker is a web-based tool that was developed with law enforcement to let you know when sex offenders are due to check in and when it's time to go out and check up on them.

How RSO Tracker Can Help

Officers at agencies across the country are having to do more with less available resources.  RSO Tracker will keep your sex offenders from being overlooked and will build a historical record of events and violations that will allow personnel to instantly know the status of each offender with minimal effort.   

Check Up's

NOR Feature Image of Check Up's

Assign officers to check on offenders and have the officers receive email notifications when the check ups are due.

Check In's

NOR Feature Image of Check In's

Receive notifications when offenders are due to check in and know instantly when an offender is past due.


NOR Feature Image of Mapping

Save time when conducting verification sweeps in the field with our mapping feature and keep from driving in circles.


NOR Feature Image of Reports

Print complete records of events, notes and violations to include with reports to prosecutors and comply with legal discovery requirements.

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No Set-up Costs.   No Contracts.    No Hidden Fees.

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